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Always on top of things, engaging and happy to partner with us on solutions.

Took the time to understand our needs.

Listened well, shaped the targets to match our objectives.

It was a joy to work with the team.

Implementation done on time and under budget.

Very professional with attention to detail; pleasure to work with.

As the NJEA positions itself to better organize and engage our membership around the values, interests, and needs that matter most to them, our partnership with Gerent is essential to our work. This collaboration will take our membership systems far beyond our current capacity of billing and tracking simple engagement points to being able to see a richer, more authentic, data-driven view of who our members are and how we can improve our member-centric organization.

Gerent worked with us when we had a ton of data constraints— and let us work through them while we paused the implementation.

Gerent takes the time to understand what you're trying to solve for, actively engages in formulating solution options, and offers well considered recommendations on the best path forward.

Gerent’s team of seasoned functional practitioners worked with us to analyze and understand the business requirements and integrations needed to support our desired model. They helped us efficiently and expertly deploy Sales and Service Cloud and Mulesoft [...] We could not have launched Salesforce without their consulting help.

The NSAM Branch of a Globally-Renowned Specialty Chemicals and High-Performance Polymer Producer

A specialty chemicals producer wanted to eliminate data redundancies by creating “master” accounts for every customer, as well as migrate its sample request process into Salesforce.

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A Globally-Recognized Manufacturer of High-Quality Mechanical Power Transmission Solutions

Gerent implemented Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to centralize data across departments, facilitate lead management, and empower our client’s employees to provide brand-unique, streamlined customer service experiences.

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We defined a future-state that would revolutionize the NJEA’s membership operations. Our consultants created a detailed program roadmap for the membership lifecycle, proposed methods to facilitate more efficient membership onboarding and enablement, and streamlined workflows to uphold essential community and political group-organizing activities.

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Care Australia

Gerent launched Phase 1 of CARE Australia’s Salesforce implementation in August 2022 to provide the payment management functionalities CARE needed for the November-December fundraising season. Our team built a custom MVP solution that integrated Stripe with Salesforce, automated payment management, and minimized the need for manual intervention.

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Dunmore needed to replace its antiquated data management systems, establish a centralized hub for customer and sales data, improve its reporting capabilities, and align its R&D request processes with its customer service and sales procedures.

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Solugen (Phase 1)

Solugen intended to stabilize its sales process and establish value-add workflows for new product introduction, account setup, and customer service within Manufacturing Cloud.

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Solugen (Phase 0)

Before launching its Manufacturing Cloud implementation, Solugen needed to align on a future-state business process that would facilitate efficient sales operations and more accurate forecasting.

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Novolex wanted to centralize its data within Sales Cloud and create a single source of truth across all company divisions and subsidiaries.

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TNTX wanted a centralized hub for storing customer data that would be accessible to all employees — regardless of who or where they might be — as well as a way for new hires to access institutional knowledge left by retired colleagues.

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Top Echelon

Top Echelon needed to implement and integrate Sales Cloud with its primary digital marketing tool (Active Campaign), achieve visibility into consumer behaviors, and reduce the manual burden associated with lead management.

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A Trusted Provider of Global Supply Chain Intelligence for Companies in the Logistics Industry

Our client wanted to do away with its manual pricing procedures and implement an automated quoting tool that could deliver quick, consistent, and customizable quotes on demand.

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An Industry-Leading Provider of Custom Films and Adhesive Products

Gerent implemented Sales Cloud, empowering our client to efficiently manage its opportunities and gain visibility into its customer relationships.

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An Internationally-Recognized Manufacturer of High-Performance Alkaline Batteries

The manufacturer aimed to improve visibility organization-wide and facilitate collaboration between its internal leadership and external sales teams.

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The Leading Provider of Precision Machine Tools and Automated Manufacturing Solutions

Our client wanted to replace its antiquated quoting system with a cutting-edge pricing tool that could automatically generate multiple customized quotes on a short turnaround.

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A Longtime Industry Leader in Producing Quick-Connect Industrial Hose Fittings

Our client wanted to centralize its data and create a company-wide source of truth. This process would facilitate better internal visibility, improve partner relationship management, and enhance customer service capability.

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An ASX-listed Public Company Headquartered in Sydney (Phase 1)

Our client needed to introduce an automated default listing process into its dunning strategy so it could identify delinquent accounts, encourage repayment, and (if necessary) register customer debt with a credit reporting agency.

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An ASX-listed Public Company Headquartered in Sydney (Phase 0)

Our client needed a proof-of-concept to confirm that replacing an existing CRM with Salesforce Industries Energy & Utilities (E&U) Cloud and CPQ was financially and functionally feasible.

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North America's Leading Custom Extruder

Our client sought to bring its Salesforce infrastructure up to compliance standards, thus streamlining the user experience, removing confusing data redundancies, and ensuring that the company’s digital infrastructure would keep pace as it scales.

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A World Leader in the Construction Technologies Sector

To expedite the warranty issuance process for its cutting-edge products, our client needed to standardize its warranty application review and expose the process to customers via a self-service portal.

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Canada's Largest Producer of Nutritional Gummies

In the first phase of a multistage Salesforce initiative, our team implemented Manufacturing Cloud, established a consolidated sales process, and empowered our client to drive better operations with Salesforce’s process automation and reporting capabilities.

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A Leading Manufacturer of Precision-Engineered Rubber and Plastic Products

Our client wanted to implement Sales Cloud so its sales team could better manage lead generation activities, improve pipeline management, facilitate project tracking and reporting, accelerate quoting, reduce manual errors, and limit dependency on ad-hoc spreadsheets.

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A Prominent Provider of High-performance Heat Transfer Solutions

The Gerent team executed a Quick Start implementation of Sales Cloud that established the foundational architecture our client needed to improve its opportunity and customer relationship management capabilities.

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A Large Chemical Manufacturer and Distributor Focusing on Life Sciences and Speciality Chemicals

After completing a merger, our client asked Gerent to streamline its acquisition’s subpar sales process, replace its acquisition’s inefficient systems with a Salesforce solution, and bring both organizations’ operational processes into alignment.

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A Major Provider of HOA-tailored Insurance Solutions

Our client wanted to establish a centralized digital solution that could automate manual tasks, codify best-practice workflows, and empower underwriters to deliver accurate quotes quickly.

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One of the US Largest Independent Wholesale Brokers and Managing Underwriters

Our client wanted to establish a central underwriting platform that employees could use to gather policy pricing information from multiple carriers, develop tailored home insurance quotes (based on location, house criteria, etc.), and accelerate quoting-to-enrollment turnarounds.

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One of the US Largest Issuers of Store Credit Cards

Our client wanted to establish a centralized hub for customer data, achieve better oversight over its accounts and relationships, and deliver end-to-end self-service experiences.

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An Electrical Distributor

By implementing Manufacturing Cloud, our client aimed to achieve increased day-to-day operational efficiency, an improved user experience for salespeople, and better opportunity management.

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A International Manufacturer of Polymer-based Material Handling Products

Our client to build out an enterprise CRM that would drive sales growth, ensure commercial excellence, and uphold a customer-centric experience.

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