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We reimagine Sales, Marketing, Customer Experience, and Workforce Automation.

There is an unprecedented influx of AI technology, but our customers need practical solutions now. We’ve combined the best of both worlds — stable solutions while also leveraging the newest AI.

Some of our solutions In support
of Salesforce and enterprise systems

Drive up NPS and Sales

Drive up NPS and Sales

Once equipped with Location Engine, you’ll add a combination of free, paid and dynamically rich content for your customers. We can activate large real estate asset classes such as transportation hubs, mixed use developments, cruises and many kinds of destinations.

“Like a concierge at a fine hotel.”
– LGA Terminal B
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Reduce tag time by 90%

Reduce tag time by 90%

Tag Engine automates complex data tagging, efficiently organizing and labeling documents to enhance information accessibility and search-ability. Specializing in product data optimization and enriching Product Information Management (PIM) systems, it speeds up manual work by an order of magnitude when applied to 10k or more SKU’s. It can actively tag new data and retroactively tag old data.

“This is what we need to complete our mission.”
– Pilot Customer
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If content reigns, context is the kingdom

If content reigns, context is the kingdom

For many types of data, providing contextually enriched content is a must. Examples include, being able to apply SEO keywords to Tag Engine’s tagging process, adding live information to your CRM, or adding line wait time to Location Engine. Content Engine has the ability to make deductive associations, building on the data you already have.

“I'm seeing so many things we can do with this.”
– Strategic Partner
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Automatically analyze across mixed formats

Automatically analyze content from video to handwritten notes

This powerful tool assists financial services by automatically, and anonymously if needed, pinpointing discrepancies in documentation, streamlining the underwriting process significantly.

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Cut data cleansing time by orders of magnitude

Decrease data cleansing time by up to 99%

Cleanse Engine can augment the data validation process and rapidly optimize datasets, ensuring data integrity, accuracy, and compliance with privacy standards across various industries. In one example, there is a 99.94% time saving. It can generate tailored matching rules which allows the workflow interface to be seamless for the user.

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Existing or tailor made engines

Existing or tailor made engines

These specialized engines are supported by our core systems: Pattern Engine, Interaction engine, and Agent Engine. More information can be provided, please reach out to contacts below to learn more about how to combine these or we can use them as starters for new systems.

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Types of challenges we are addressing

“So many big tech choices for AI, how can we keep up without picking one horse?”

Lots of businesses are using ChatGPT, Bard or rogue AI solutions, but don’t want to be locked into enterprise Microsoft or Google accounts, sharing data with them. Truthfully, the world is changing too much to pick one solution.

We are normalizing that change – so we created a confidential and managed approach to using AI with your documents and content.

“Our data is good but not great. What’s a fast way to fix siloed and incomplete information?”

Our engines rapidly fill in the gaps in your data, isolating areas where it needs augmentation. We are able to demonstrate the speed of this solution in a day!

“Our company is repeating the same manual steps — there has to be a faster way.”

In the era of Artificial Capable Intelligence, we're ushering in a new wave of automation. Enginable™ is tackling complex tasks that go beyond a few clicks.

The Enginable Value Proposition

As new AI tech is released, we incorporate it into your Engine

The Enginable Value Proposition

These three areas are — and will be for some time — the evergreen areas of innovation in AI.

Our goal is to maintain (and improve) your solutions with Understanding, Generation, and Interaction as foundational pillars.

The Coming AI Wave

“In an era marked by unprecedented acceleration in innovation, ACI — Artificial Capable Intelligence —stands as a defining feature of our times. It bridges the gap between the invisible, specialized AI we interact with daily and the looming prospect of Artificial General Intelligence, which promises to redefine our future.”

– Mustafa Suleyman & Michael Bhaskar, The Coming Wave

Our name fuses “Engine” with “Capable,” capturing our mission to harness these emerging forms of intelligence. We're not just adapting to the future; we're actively helping you take advantage of it.

Campbell Hyers

CEO of Enginable, A Gerent Company

"Many of our customers have been successfully using AI and data for more than a decade, and they recognize we are in an unprecedented time. We are thrilled to be helping them, and we want all of our customers to  benefit from these new, once-in-a-generation capabilities.”

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