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In a data-rich, experience-centric world, understanding and engaging customers is mission-critical. Utilities providers have an unparalleled opportunity to optimize their operations and reap value from their customer relationships — but only if they have the right digital and operational frameworks in place.

Gerent delivers the tailored digital solutions Utilities organizations need to boost customer retention, enhance sales acquisitions, streamline business processes, and drive growth. Our goal is to become the industry’s go-to system integrator (SI) and serve as your trusted partner for value-add Salesforce initiatives. 

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Why Gerent

We understand the value of hard-won experience. Our team is staffed by Utilities industry veterans who have personally experienced — and resolved — common industry problems relating to customer retention, debt management, sustainable growth planning, profit optimization, and more. 

We don’t apply a one-solution-fits-all approach to transformation; instead, we take the time to connect with your key stakeholders and learn about your organization’s unique needs, goals, and aspirations. Then, we’ll use our deep Salesforce expertise and firsthand industry knowledge to guide your organization through a successful change initiative.





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Customer Satisfaction

Our Success

Trust & Compliance

Our client was considering alternatives to its existing CRM solution, which did not provide a consolidated perspective of its customers’ activities across all product lines (e.g., business energy products). The company was further dissatisfied with its existing client self-service experience, as customers needed to navigate two different portals when managing their accounts.

The Goal

Our client wanted to determine whether replacing its existing CRM with Salesforce Industries Energy & Utilities (E&U) Cloud and CPQ was financially and functionally feasible. The company needed a proof-of-concept confirming that Salesforce could support moderately complex processes and business operations without requiring significant custom development work.

The Solution

Gerent’s consultants developed a minimally-customized proof-of-concept for a solution encompassing Salesforce Industries Energy & Utilities (E&U) Cloud and CPQ. We further configured Salesforce’s customer data model to provide a comprehensive (360°) view of consumer data across all of our client’s Business Energy products and allow reuse of a customer record for multiple product acquisitions or engagements. Lastly, our team established a centralized self-service interface that would allow customers to seamlessly shift between portals without needing to log in multiple times. 

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The Problem

Prior to its engagement with Gerent, the energy provider was limited in its ability to identify and recoup unpaid debts from retail and business LPG (liquid petroleum gas) customers. This gap resulted in persistent revenue leakage.

The Goal

Our client needed to introduce an automated default listing process into its dunning strategy so it could identify delinquent accounts, encourage repayment, and (if necessary) register customer debt with a credit reporting agency in a timely manner. 

The Solution

Gerent introduced a default listing process into the energy provider’s existing LPG debt collection workflow, implemented Marketing Cloud and Ampscript to facilitate customer communications, and integrated Service Cloud company’s existing (Zuroah) billing system to enhance case lifecycle management. As a result, our client can better identify unpaid accounts, emphasize the importance of addressing aged debts, and incentivise customers to reach an agreement regarding repayment. Gerent anticipates that these process improvements will empower the company to drive repayment for a significant portion of its delinquent customer base.  

Our Experts

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

SVP, Business Transformation & Strategy

Amit Kumar is a veteran Salesforce consultant who has dedicated the last 17 years of his career spearheading transformations in the energy industry. Amit designs and develops influential, creative, and socially-intelligent solutions for a variety of Salesforce products including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Energy & Utilities Cloud, and Salesforce Industries. During every project, he strives to deliver improvement strategies that empower his clients to mitigate risk, enhance compliance, boost efficiency, and deliver better service.

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