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Gopi Ramineni
Gopi Ramineni
Founder & Chairman

Gopi founded Gerent in 2007 with a drive to fuel businesses with disruptive change using powerful technology. He has built an exceptional team around him, all while helping businesses put their customers at the center of everything they do.

Gopi is an expert in the Salesforce platform and has contributed to more than 900 projects in the Salesforce domain over the last 20 years.

In his downtime, Gopi can be found reading, spending time with his family and kids, kicking back with a classic movie, or trying a new local restaurant.

Pradeep Laxminarayana Headshot
Pradeep Laxminarayana
Managing Director

As Managing Director, Pradeep Laximinarayana is responsible for directing Gerent’s business strategy, growth initiatives, and Salesforce consulting staff in Australia and New Zealand. Over the course of his 20-year career, Pradeep has successfully executed transformation programs across the utilities, telecom, retail, insurance, and public sector ecosystems.

Our Team

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Julia Le
Scrum Master Lead, Gerent ANZ

Julia is an IT veteran with over a decade of technical and consulting experience. To date, she has contributed to digital transformation projects for organizations in the banking, finance, telco, education, transport, and government sectors, among others. Julia’s unique mix of IT and interpersonal skills make her the ideal liaison between business and technical staff, especially in leadership contexts.

Amit Kumar Headshot
Amit Kumar
Principal Consultant, Gerent ANZ

As Program Delivery Director, Amit Kumar oversees all of Gerent ANZ’s Salesforce work programs. A veteran IT leader, Amit has over 17 years of experience in the professional services sector and has successfully led digital transformation initiatives in the utilities, NFP, and the public sectors. He is well-versed in Scrum Agile, Scaled Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid methodologies.


Deepika Bharathraj
Deepika Bharathraj
Operations Leader

As the VP of Operations for the past four years, Deepika has played a pivotal role in developing our Gerent family. She is well versed in managing the entire HR cycle for all employees, while providing operational support to ensure consistent success.

Deepika oversees the digital transformation of HRIS systems, manages applicant tracking software, and administers employee benefits. In addition, she spearheads many financial aspects of our firm, including payroll, accounts payable, expenses, and records management.

Getting to know employees is one of Deepika’s favorite aspects about her job — she strives to make everyone feel valued and heard. Outside of work, Deepika’s interests include art, interior design, and gardening. She also loves cooking for her family!

Gopi Ramineni
Gopi Ramineni
Founder & CEO

Gopi founded Gerent in 2007 with a drive to fuel businesses with disruptive change using powerful technology. He has built an exceptional team around him, all while helping businesses put their customers at the center of everything they do.

Gopi is an expert in the Salesforce platform and has contributed to more than 900 projects in the Salesforce domain over the last 20 years.

In his downtime, Gopi can be found reading, spending time with his family and kids, kicking back with a classic movie, or trying a new local restaurant.

Deb Stefanoni
Deb Stefanoni
People Leader

Deb has spent a total 26 years working in sales and consulting in the Information Technology industry, with 14 of those years focused directly on Salesforce.

As the Chief People Officer at Gerent, Deb loves that she gets to set others up for success on a daily basis.

Fun fact: Deb is ALL about health and wellness, clean eating, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Will Shu
Will Shu
Information & Security Leader

With over 27 years working with technology, Will has spent the last 10 years spearheading Salesforce digital transformations in the finance and education sectors.

For Will, the best part about working at Gerent is that he gets to use the latest technology to drive success for businesses in a wide range of industries.

Outside the office, Will is a travel enthusiast who enjoys experiencing new local cuisines.

Anandhi Narayanan Headshot
Anandhi Narayanan
Business Transformation & Strategy Leader

Anandhi Narayanan has 17 years of experience in manufacturing both in the business and in IT. During her tenure in IT she led digital transformations across finance, supply chain, operations and sales operations. For the past 4 years, as a consultant, she has been leading cross cloud implementations, driving strategy and thought leadership for supply chain organizations in the Salesforce ecosystem. She is in relentless pursuit of operational effectiveness, empowered organizational structures and continuous improvement.

Outside of work Anandhi enjoys being active and experimenting with new recipes. She has two young adults who keep her on her toes and a puppy who gives her endless laughs.

Brad Killam Headshot
Brad Killam
Delivery & Customer Success Leader, Highly Regulated Industries

Brad Killam is a professional service leader with 25+ years of CRM solution development experience, 10 of which were spent working specifically with Salesforce. Brad is passionate about improving healthcare outcomes via effective organizational transformation and is a wholehearted believer in the “process improvement first, technology innovation second” philosophy. He elevates his clients’ operations by analyzing complex problems, drawing conclusions, implementing standards, and providing innovative solutions.

Kal Shah
Kal Shah
Insurance Leader

Kal is a professional services executive with a proven record of driving success for customers across the financial services, healthcare, telecommunications and technology industries. As a veteran transformation leader, Kal is adept at helping executive and cross-functional teams mobilize for transformation, simplify operational processes, and adopt high-value Salesforce enterprise solutions. Previously, he was responsible for the growth and success of strategic Salesforce accounts while building a successful global advisory business supporting various industries.

Ketta Riley
Ketta Riley
Travel, Tourism & Entertainment Leader

Ketta has over 35 years of travel and hospitality leadership experience, 10 of which have been spent working on Salesforce implementations. She leverages her experience combined with extensive knowledge of industry market trends to support our customers’ businesses.

More than anything, Ketta is energized by the shared vision and freedom to innovate at Gerent.

Outside of work, Ketta is passionate about rescue animals and horses.

Chris Stefanazzi Headshot
Chris Stefanazzi
MAE & RCG Sales Leader

As VP of Sales for Manufacturing, Auto, and Energy (MAE) and Retail Consumer Goods (RCG), Chris Stefanazzi dedicates himself to growing Gerent’s industry accounts. Chris is a Salesforce ecosystem veteran; before joining Gerent, he spent ten years on staff at Salesforce and built a name for himself as one of the company’s Top Performers in MAE Sales. He enjoys nurturing accounts so clients can see their transformation deliver increasing value over time. Chris takes the time to fully understand a customer’s pain points before recommending a solution — and always stays up-to-date on Salesforce’s evolving product library to ensure that the products he recommends are a fit for the client.

Alex Bryce Headshot
Alex Bryce
Financial Services Leader

A value-driven sales leader with hands-on experience implementing Salesforce and a strong track record of enabling financial services institutions to get value from the platform.

Eric headshot
Eric Saxton
CBS & Travel, Tourism & Entertainment Sales Leader

Eric has spent over 15 years perfecting his expertise in sales, with experience in industries such as manufacturing, nonprofit, higher education, and travel and hospitality. As a long-tenured team leader and problem-solver, Eric is adept at facing challenges and is driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement. He excels at partnership building, business planning, and strategy.

Campbell Headshot
Campbell Hypers
AI & Data Leader

Campbell Hyers is a longtime tech entrepreneur and innovator with deep expertise and interest in AI solutioning. Over the last two decades, Campbell has launched and led several businesses that used emerging technology to deliver practical value to customers. Now, he leads Enginable, Gerent’s first-in-class data & AI service, which develops AI-powered engines for businesses in every industry from manufacturing to financial services, nonprofit, education, and more.

Abhi Valaboju
Abhi Valaboju
Pre-sales Leader

Abhi offers over 13 years of diverse experience as a technology consultant for Telco and various software companies. He spent over 8 of those years within the Salesforce ecosystem, providing consulting services to sales service, and marketing departments. He is a strategic maximizer who excels in ideation and pragmatic planning with experience in delivery consulting, project management, pre-sales, and sales roles, Abhi thrives by helping our clients fuse their vision and strategy to reach their goals.

During his downtime, Abhi enjoys meditating and spirited driving on the open road. He is also an active supporter of the Peace Tree Innovations Society.

Tim Sharpe Photo
Tim Sharpe
Lead Generation & Inside Sales Leader

Timothy Sharpe is a results-motivated sales professional with nearly two decades of experience in technology-based sales, account management, and consulting. He excels in cultivating B2B sales and knows how to present Salesforce solutions to potential clients in a compelling, value-oriented way.

As VP of Lead Generation and Inside Sales, Timothy has been invaluable in empowering Gerent’s sales team to elevate its efforts and ambitions.

Richard headshot
Richard Smyth
Customer Success Leader

Richard Smyth is an experienced senior leader with over 20 years of IT leadership relevant to digital strategy, enterprise applications, operational excellence and executive oversight. Richard has a proven record of spearheading successful transformation initiatives for complex, multi-disciplinary organizations. He excels at delivering superior results by demonstrating the business value of technology implementations.

Mike Simon
Mike Simon
Digital Practice Leader

Mike has over 35 years of marketing, product development, and IT management experience. He’s worked as CIO of a global logistics firm, and as the Global Solution Executive for IBM IT Outsourcing. Mike’s primary professional focus is on realizing the power of digital brands, data-driven marketing, and product experience and innovation.

Kishan Ramineni
Kishan Ramineni
Salesforce Industries Leader

Kishan has over 15 years of diverse Information Technology experience primarily in Health, Insurance, Finance, and Pharmaceutical. He has extensive experience with enterprise application deployment architectures and environments in these sectors as well as architecting and designing end-to-end applications and solutions with technical, economic, and risk trade-offs.

Kishan is a member of Vlocity (Salesforce Industries) Industry Partners Masters Program and has been widely endorsed by customers in the Health and Insurance industry.

Charlene Stefanazzi
Charlene Stefanazzi
Marketing Leader

Charlene has spent over a decade in marketing working in a variety of industries, from fashion to consumer-packaged goods (CPG) to technology.

She appreciates Gerent for its unmatched agility and the freedom it gives her to innovate, push the envelope, and try new things.

An artist at her core, Charlene is an avid photographer and is also passionate about interior design and decorating. She also loves to travel, and finds it gives her the rest and reset she needs.

Our Workplace

At Gerent, we’ve been working remotely since 2008 – long before it wasn’t an option.

We understand what it takes to be effective and deliver value to our customers in a remote environment. The ability to work from anywhere speaks to the core of who we are as an organization. By providing our team with flexibility in their work life, we keep them energized and motivated to do their best work.

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As members of a global community, we are committed to stewarding the environment we all share and promoting positive social change.

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