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Customers need to know they matter. At Gerent, we recognize that when it comes to buying, servicing, or selling a car, empathetic and well-informed interactions can make a world of difference. That’s where Salesforce Automotive Cloud comes in — to help your organization understand your customers and develop experiences that cultivate lifelong loyalty.
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Build a truly customer-forward, satisfying experience with Salesforce Automotive Cloud.

Today, automotive organizations recognize the value of customer-centricity; however, many lack the technology they need to achieve it. We help dealers and OEMs obtain transformational visibility into their data, craft customer-centric experiences, and drive exceptional business results with Salesforce.

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What we do


Empower your organization to succeed with Salesforce Automotive Cloud

At Gerent, we strive to be a true partner to our customers during their Salesforce innovation journeys. Our veteran Automotive consultants will create an Automotive Cloud solution that empowers your business to deliver superior experiences and drive better operational performance at scale.

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Design and deploy value-add transformations with change management

We look beyond the technology to facilitate organization-wide improvement. Our change management consultants will take the time to understand your organization’s unique needs and priorities. We can help you define your digitalization goals, build a realistic innovation roadmap, execute change, and reap the value you expect from transformation — all without causing undue disruption to your daily operations.

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Reimagine experiences for your team and customers alike

Experiences matter — are yours up to par? Our in-house experience and digital marketing consultancy, Gerent Experience, specializes in helping organizations accelerate their business outcomes through experience innovation. Our consultants can identify the experiences that drive differentiation for your business and help your team execute those strategies through digital product design and marketing campaigns.

Meet Gerent Experience

Expectations change quickly in the digital era; is your organization prepared to keep pace? At Gerent, we stay tuned into industry trends so we can prepare our clients to exceed customer expectations and outpace their competitors. Our team of experts will help your organization:

Embrace digital-forward experiences with omnichannel integration

Today, customers don’t just expect digital services; they want delightful experiences that seamlessly bridge every channel from website to car lot. Exceed their expectations by “going omnichannel” with Gerent and Automotive Cloud.


Leverage first-party data to give your customer experience a personal touch

Your organization doesn’t need third-party data to deliver personalized experiences. Our team can help you gather first-party data to create rapport, engage customers, and form lifelong relationships.

Provide customers with a fully-digitized product catalog

More and more customers are beginning their vehicle search online, so it's important for dealers and OEMs to have a complete catalog of product information digitally available. Digitize your inventory via Salesforce Automotive Cloud.

Optimize your customer lifetime value

Knowledge is power. Evaluate and improve your organization’s CLTV by developing genuinely personalized experiences that keep your customers coming back over and over again.

Eliminate silos and take advantage of a centralized data hub

Tired of searching through data silos for up-to-date customer information? With Salesforce, all the data your team needs is readily accessible in a centralized CRM hub.

Drive user adoption and boost your transformation outcomes

A tool is only useful if people use it. We’ll help you drive adoption across your organization so every person on your team can optimize their work with Automotive Cloud.

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Our Automotive Cloud experts

Gerent’s consultants are dedicated to maintaining a thorough understanding of the automotive dealer and OEM model. Our veteran team will be there with your organization through every step of the digital transformation process — from road mapping a plan to customizing a solution and driving adoption through well-designed training programs.

Our experts apply what we call a “straight-to-value” approach to partnership; we’ll meet you where you are, keenly evaluate your problems, and provide tailor-made solutions that address your needs without any filler. We have a genuine passion for vehicles and empowering the people who create, distribute, and service them.

Our Automotive Cloud Accelerator

Why wait to drive optimal value? Gerent’s accelerator is designed to help organizations get the most out of their Automotive Cloud implementation and achieve the functionality they need quickly — without the high price tag or high time investment typically required for customization.
Key features include:

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Lead Cultivation
Lead Management
Desking Support
Lost Lead Assessment
Inventory Oversight
Need Analysis

Visual Dealer Management from Gerent & RenderDraw

Built on Salesforce’s Automotive Cloud platform, Visual Dealer Management empowers growth-minded dealers to visualize every aspect of their operations — including sales, inventory management, parts ordering, service, and more — in real time by linking 2D and 3D rendered visualizations to Salesforce records.

Dealership Inventory & Performance Insights

Achieve instant visibility into departmental performance and current inventory with interactive dealership maps.

Visual Parts Identification & Issue Reporting

Allow customers to upload annotated snapshots of vehicular issues and visually verify problematic parts before submitting a service request.

Illustrated Sales & Self-Service Experiences

Empower customers to click through 3D vehicle renderings and learn more about particular cars, model-specific features, and premium accessories.

Visual Spare Parts & Accessory Ordering

Enable shoppers to view premium add-ons and accessories for vehicles they own or plan to purchase.

Interactive Spare Parts Catalog

Import PDF catalogs and exploded diagrams into Automotive Cloud, then link specific illustrations to Salesforce records so your service team can quickly identify in-stock parts.

Why connect with Gerent?

Salesforce isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. Gerent began as one of the company’s own professional services teams, implementing solutions on Salesforce’ behalf. After eight long years of learning and growth, we ventured out to explore the ecosystem on our own; however, we’ve never forgotten our roots.

Today, our industry expertise doesn’t just inform us; it inspires us to keep pushing, keep discovering, and keep expanding our integration capabilities. We aren’t afraid to blaze new trails if it means delivering the results our clients need — and we regularly develop custom solutions that redefine what’s possible for Salesforce products.

Discovery is our way of life, and we are committed to living it.

Our Experts

Anandhi Narayanan

Anandhi Narayanan

Business Transformation & Strategy Leader

Anandhi has 17 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution in both the business and IT sector. She has led digital transformations across a variety of industries, from finance to sales operations. For the past five years as a consultant, Anandhi has led cross-cloud implementations, driving strategy and thought leadership for supply chain organizations in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Jennifer Thompson

Automotive Practice & Pre-sales Leader

Jeni is a tenured consultant with 20+ years of experience analyzing the technology needs of Automotive and Manufacturing companies. During that time, she spent 16 years working directly with dealer management system tech companies and 7 as a consultant, heavily engaged within the Dealer & OEM space; prior to her role at Gerent, she served as a Presales Engagement Manager in Salesforce’s Manufacturing practice.

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Ryan Bjorgaard

Ryan Bjorgaard

Industries Product Leader, Manufacuting & Distribution, Auto, Energy

Ryan has nine years of experience in IT consulting, systems implementation, and solution design. With fourteen Salesforce Solution Architect certifications, he was one of the first 100 Solution Architects in the Salesforce ecosystem. Ryan is also a Manufacturing Cloud Accredited Professional and has led CRM strategy for a number of digital transformations across the sales operations and supply chain industries.

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Depth and breadth of knowledge

We have a deep understanding of all key areas in the automotive industry, including:



Warranty Lifecycle


Parts &


How Salesforce can help
your business accomplish its goals

Digital transformation lets organizations adopt best-in-class technology solutions to effectively perform daily tasks with better visibility to their customers. With all customer information stored on a single platform, organizations can easily create real-time reports, which allow for informed and confident data-driven business decisions. Dealers, OEMs, and stakeholders can also use data to track trends and uncover areas for improvement through shareable reports and dashboards.

Why Automotive Cloud?

It eliminates data silos

It provides transformational visibility into your operations and pipeline by providing a 360 view of the customer

It facilitates more efficient team collaboration via process automation and shared data

It empowers your team to cultivate stronger relationships and higher CLTV leading to higher customer retention

It enables flexible, analytics-backed decision making for each of the stakeholders with customized dashboards

It helps your team resolve solving process deficiencies in real-time

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Gerent's Automotive Cloud Accelerator Speeds Time to Value

Innovation doesn’t need to be a drawn-out process. Gerent’s Automotive Cloud Accelerator empowers OEMs and dealers to drive faster time to value.


Create a More Customer-Centric Experience with Salesforce Automotive Cloud

Auto organizations need to prioritize experience to increase revenue — and for that, they need to understand their customers. Fortunately, Automotive Cloud provides a solution.

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Episode 32: How RenderDraw’s Visualizations Help Dealers Supercharge Customer Relationships

Cars are complicated, and technical conversations around vehicles can pose a challenge for dealerships and customers alike. It can be a real struggle to explain which of the thousands of integral, intricate pieces of a car needs to be serviced — and how it relates to the whole of the vehicle — to the average consumer. But what if, at a moment's notice, you had a diagram you could pull up of every car you serviced? What if you could view a 3D model of a car, highlight a specific part, and pull up inventory numbers and Salesforce data for an immediate order? That’s exactly what RenderDraw offers automotive organizations. With this tool at hand, employees can build, save, and access full 3D renderings of vehicles on the lot, alongside existing Salesforce records for one-touch access to every single car’s history.

July 21, 2023

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