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Gerent Takes Off With Launchpad, Creating Opportunities in Tech

Gerent Takes Off With Launchpad, Creating Opportunities in Tech

Across the country, workers are looking for chances to reskill into roles in high-growth industries. Per a recent report from SHRM, 89% of surveyed workers are attempting to enter future-forward sectors. Tech looms large among these, attracting more upskillers than any other industry. 

Fortunately, opportunities are abundant for people hoping to make a switch. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the tech industry is expected to grow 12% by 2024, with some specialties within the field projected to expand by as much as 27%. 

However, despite the availability of opportunities in the field, getting into tech can be challenging if applicants don’t already have direct experience. Recognizing this, Gerent is thrilled to announce the development of a unique initiative to facilitate transitions into tech-based careers: the Launchpad program.

A window of opportunity: the Launchpad program

Designed to train tech professionals from the ground up, Launchpad provides reskilling opportunities to a diverse range of candidates, giving them the training and the experience they need to build lifelong careers in tech.

According to recent graduate Terry Hand, the program gives students the foundational skill set to build a career in the tech industry. Before joining his Launchpad cohort, the now-BA had spent years working in the restaurant and grocery sectors. According to Terry, Launchpad was “the right opportunity at the right time,” as he had just started looking to transfer from front-facing customer service opportunities into the tech field. 

In his own words: “The program gives you the keys to success but doesn’t limit you to a single path; it’s up to you to figure out how you want to navigate the ecosystem with the keys (skills, knowledge, etc.) you’ve been given.” 

“Launchpad is lightning in a bottle,” Terry said. “It’s an invaluable opportunity for anyone looking to jumpstart their career in tech.”

The coursework: an overview of Launchpad

Accepted applicants spend their first few weeks working through an intensive training program in a classroom, learning essential skills through project-based exercises and lecture-based teaching. After week 8, when the classroom portion of the program wraps up, students transition into an apprenticeship, shadowing experienced business analysts as they work through real-world projects. 

By the end of the six-month period, candidates will have earned six Salesforce certifications (with the first two attempts at each paid for by Gerent) and be ready to transition into progressively more responsible consulting roles.

A one-of-a-kind initiative

The Launchpad program provides accepted applicants with value that far outweighs other educational opportunities. Through Launchpad, Gerent offers several unique benefits, such as:

Paying students for their time. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, 43% of internships at for-profit companies are unpaid, creating inherent inaccessibility for low-income and marginalized candidates. Gerent seeks to provide an atmosphere of equal opportunity for all candidates, paying them to avoid such bias.

Excellent work translates into job opportunities. 

A study from the National Association of Colleges and Employers shows that around 60% of students working paid internships graduate into a job opportunity. On the other hand, Gerent is training students having already given them a career opportunity, ensuring that post-graduation, they receive a long-term reward for their investment in the company.

Mentorship and networking opportunities. 

By taking advantage of this opportunity and enrolling in the program, students will have the chance to develop a network with their cohort that will translate into a strong foundation for their future careers.

At the forefront of launching careers

With leaders taking an active role in students’ development and an environment built upon colleagues supporting one another, Launchpad is a uniquely curated program geared for student success.

“I appreciate the community the Launchpad fosters,” recent graduate Lisa Romero shared. “Sure, every company says they care, but Gerent honestly does.” 

At Gerent, we believe in providing development opportunities and are well-positioned to address the needs of a changing work environment. For candidates like Lisa Romero, Launchpad is “the best possible fit,” enabling them to kickstart their careers and learn all the skills necessary to launch lifelong careers in the tech industry.

“The program can be really challenging, but it’s important to remember that you’re never alone when times get tough; everyone in your cohort has your back, and the program leaders want you to succeed,” Romero concluded. 

For more information about the Launchpad program and Gerent’s professional development programs, please visit our microsite!

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